What is unique about Palms Thai Spa? How is it different from several other spas in India today?

Palms Thai Spa recruits all qualified trainers or spa manager's over-seas. It is access to these exceptionally talented trainers that allows us at Palms Thai Spa to be certain that our therapists have the very best training in the industry and it is the daily involvement of these trainers in the everyday operations of the spa that ensure we stay at a standard of excellence that people have come to expect not just internationally but in India as well. Our partnership with the Association allows us not just access to trainers, but as importantly: operational procedures and the knowledge of a customer service culture that the Thai Spa brand conveys to our franchise partners.

Why become a franchise partner? Why not set-up our own?

Palms Thai Spa having successfully run its own luxury day spa has the knowledge and capability to replicate that successful model. For a potential franchise partner this experience coupled with constant support on the ground through our trainer-on-site is key. For the spa to stay current, and to allow for evolution of the menu based on customer feedback the spa must have the very best trainers on site to incorporate new treatments as per the customer feedback. Our Thai trainers primary objective is maintaining the high standards of excellence of treatments and innovation, i.e. using their knowledge and experience to refresh the spa menu every 6-8 months. Based on the customer demographic, products and treatments are devised. Every Palms Spa has standard treatments, but every location also has its own signature package to add value to each individual location. Through the franchise model an investor minimizes the risks involved in a start-up spa of their own, also avails of low entry costs as all systems have been devised, and most importantly has instant access to a successful business model.

For maintaining the quality standards, what sort of training and business support does Palms Thai Spa offer to aspiring franchisee partners?

We support our franchise partners and their management team through a constant involvement of our international trainers who ensure that they operate the spa by following our standard operating procedures. We also provide assistance in matters pertaining to client interaction, administrative functions, accounting procedures and product sourcing structures.

What sort of space would be ideal?

There are a couple of options; either in or in close proximity to upmarket residential areas or in areas where there is a high customer foot-fall such as in or around a busy shopping high street or mall. We also offer hotel and real estate developers a great opportunity to get associated with a fast growing luxury spa brand and maximize the returns on property and investment.

How much space require?

This depends the spa model(Thai Spa, Spalon, Ayurvedic Treat, Spa Planet, Airport Express) you want to offer, we recommend 1000 – 1500 square feet.

What sort of investment are we looking at?

Once again, this depends on Spa Model you want to offer your guests. It ranges from 5 Lacs to 50 Lacs.